Whats New

CKRG and WARC has teamed up with a NET.

The NET will be held ever Sunday at 1745 Hours CDT

You can connect one of these many ways.

1. BrandMeister TG 31204 Any BrandMesiter Connected Repeater.

2. Wires-X Room 40777

3. AllStar Link 46495

4. YSF Reflector 49235

5. EchoLink 771574

6. Analog Hoisington Repeater

7. C4FM Digital Great Bend Repeater

CKRG will be doing maintenance on the hardware for this bridge.

C4FM and Wires-X will continue to work as always. The bridge to BM 31204 will be down till around noon 09/27/2019

The Great Bend DMR Repeater was upgraded to a Motorola MRT2000.

This repeater is in DMR mode only and on BrandMeister Network. and is


Static TG TS 1 31204 Central Kansas or CKRG

Static TG TS 2 31201 BYRG

Static TG TS 2 31206 Central KS Sky Warn

Static TG TS 1 2 Cluster

FOR THE LOVE OF BRANDMEISTER. Don't forget any other TG is available to you. No need to ask, just dial it up on TS2.

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