Of the 9+ area repeaters that CKRG owns and operates, there are 4 Yaesu System Fusion (or C4FM) analog/digital repeaters.

Our main city System Fusion and 1st repeater is on 444.100 + 100.0 Hz. This repeater is located at our High Rise site down town Great Bend and the antenna is mounted on the 150' tall building. This repeater covers the entire Great Bend metro area.  Our repeater has a 12v battery backup system.  At this time host a Wires-X Node,  and a weather camera over looking Great Bend.  


A 2nd System Fusion repeater and 2nd site is on the 146.835 +100.0Hz frequency pair and is located north of Pawnee Rock Ks, on a 356’ Heartland Tower.  Our 3rd repeater is also located on this tower. 444.325 +100.0Hz. This site is backed up with a Automatic Standby Generator.

The 4th System Fusion repeater and 3rd site operates on 444.925 + 100.0Hz.  Located between Hoisington and Beaver KS.  This tower is also a Heartland Tower and is a host of a K-Link repeater on the K-Link repeater system. (K-Link is not part of CKRG) This site is backed up with a Automatic Standby Generator.  All three sites are equipped with the 'second generation' System Fusion repeaters and operate in AMS, or Auto Mode Select. This allows the repeaters receiver to auto select FM or Digital and then re-transmits the same mode, depending on the received signal.  Both sites two and three also have 1 5/8 heliax feed line up the tower to a CommScope DB420 and DB224.  Site two and three are equipped with a S-Com 7330 Repeater Controller.  Our 4th site 5th Repeater is located in the City of Russell Kansas.  It is located at the Russell Hospital.  This Repeater is a Mobile Repeater that consist of two 40watt mobile radios with a fiberglass diamond antenna.  This site is also backed up by a generator.   Our three other repeaters are owned and operated by our very own N7JYS.  a UHF repeater is also located in the City of Russell KS, as well as a 220 MHz Repeater located at our 3rd site in Hoisington.   Our 5th Site and 6th Repeater is located in Scott City.  This is a Motorola repeater that consist of two Maxtrac mobile radios connected to AllStar with 5watt's output covering the city.

We have also just included our 6th site and 7th Repeater in mid to late 2019.  This is our Dream repeater.  This repeater is a Motorola MTR2000 with a Diamond fiberglass antenna ontop of a 150' Building located downtown Great Bend.   We also like to talk about Wichita Amateur Radio Club.  They have joined us with a NET on Sundays at 1745 hours.      

These repeaters are open to all users, Analog FM or C4FM Digital.  Current Analog FM users will not be affected and can use as normal.

If analog only users don't wish to hear the digital data stream over their rigs speaker, the FM user may wish to program their radios with full CTCSS (encode and decode) to help alleviate unwanted noise. Employing full CTCSS will allow any analogue user to mask the digital data as is passes over your receiver.  If you don't program your rig to full CTCSS and you happen to turn on your rigs scanning function, any digital traffic that comes across will lock on the channel and all you will hear is a very loud white noise, which can be annoying. The actual C4FM signal sounds like a starts/stop tones, followed by a very loud white noise hiss until the digital user unkeys.   With full decode on, your rigs scan feature should fly right past, unless there's a FM conversation occurring.

It should be noted that both the analog FM and Digital user will be co-sharing the four repeater pairs, but only ONE conversation can exist on the repeater pair at one time. If you hear a digital noise on the channel, and your S meter is showing a strong, yet unintelligible signal AND you wish to break in or make an emergency call, keying up in between their transmissions with any analog transmission will automatically force everyone's Digital radios (including the repeater) back to Analog FM mode

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